Mike Oxhard (downe8o8boi) wrote,
Mike Oxhard

Drag Prayer (extended)

Dear Heavenly Drag Goddess, thank you for providing us with sickoning iggys that make some of us look like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Tyra Banks. For MAC make-up which does wonders for the average boy and butchy. Bronzer, which if I may add, Aleeciya live for, and the ability to conjure for days... and yes, I do mean days. For contour powder and highlighting powder that allow us to make our faces look skinny, give us cleavage, formed temples, and hides our adams apple. For stores like Journeys that carry size 10 hooker heels and stilletoes that make us look sickoning. For Y-11 Eyelashes. For Studio Fix. For concealers. For duct tape and surgical tape. For hott remixes we can perform to. For spotlights and tippers.

And most important. Thank you for alcohol.
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this prayer gives me goose bumps